Thư viện giới thiệu cùng bạn đọc các ebook về Quản trị và rủi ro tài chính được tổng hợp từ CSDL SpringerLink.

Mời các bạn tham khảo danh mục:

STT Nhan đề Tác giả Năm XB
1 Quantitative Modeling of Operational Risk in Finance and Banking Using Possibility Theory Arindam Chaudhuri, Soumya K. Ghosh 2016
2 Risk Assessment Decisions in Banking and Finance Prof. Dr. Georg Bol, Prof. Dr. Svetlozar
T. Rachev
3 Trade and Receivables Finance: A Practical Guide to Risk Evaluation and Structuring Stephen A. Jones 2018
4 Bank Capital and Risk-Taking:The Impact of Capital Regulation, Charter Value, and the Business Cycle Dr. Stéphanie M. Stolz 2007
5 Credit-Risk Modelling: Theoretical Foundations, Diagnostic Tools, Practical Examples, and Numerical Recipes in Python David Jamieson Bolder 2018
6 Liquidity Risk, Efficiency and New Bank Business Models Santiago Carbó Valverde 2016
7 Responsible Investment Banking: Risk Management Frameworks, Sustainable Financial Innovation and Softlaw Standards Karen Wendt 2015
8 Shadow Banking: The Rise, Risks, and Rewards of Non-Bank Financial Services Roy J. Girasa 2016
9 The Regulation of Systemically Relevant Banks: How Governments Should Manage Their Exposure to Banking System Risk Sebastian C. Moenninghoff 2018
10 Commercial and Investment Banking and the International Credit and Capital Markets: A Guide to the Global Finance Industry and its Governance Brian Scott-Quinn 2012
11 Multilateral Development Banks: Governance and Finance Ihsan Ugur Delikanli, Todor Dimitrov 2018
12 Contemporary Issues in Banking: Regulation, Governance and Performance Prof. Dr. Myriam García-Olalla 2018
13 Corporate Governance in Banking and Investor Protection: From Theory to Practice Dr. Belén Díaz Díaz 2018


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