The functions of the Circulation staff are:

1. Help readers search for books through OPAC and for books in stock.
2. Perform borrowing procedures on the books to be read.
3. Ensure all library materials are in good order for circulation throughout the school year.
4. Maintaining and preserving the books in stock.
5. Administers the withdrawal policy for students to transfer to other schools or work.

The Circulation Section is on the third floor of the Library, which includes – borrowing and returning. Books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Using OPAC (online public access catalogue), and the other storage of books and resourses, it is easy to locate the books and resources required in the stack area.

Before entering the library, bags must be left at the bag lockers outside, bring your Library card and wear correct uniform.

On entering the Library, type your student number at the registration computer at the Circulation Desk to register your entry to the Library.

Find the books you need in the stack area, there are places to sit and read your book before deciding to borrow them.

When you have decided on the books to borrow, take the books and your library card to the borrowing counter and present them to the Library staff, who will enter the details into the computer.


Trương Ngọc Mai Anh

Lê Thiện Mỹ

Nguyễn Thị Bích Châu


Information Service


Provide information: Search and provide information on request, to meet the demands of teaching, learning and research, of faculty, staff and students at An Giang University. Information is provided based on available resources of the Library as books, magazines, theses, dissertations, electronic resources such as collections, abstracts or full text articles on research from Journals of Vietnam and from databases as VISTA (database for Centre of National Science and Technology), and ProQuest.

In addition, we can contact other library sources or the Learning Resource Centres in the Library Association of Vietnam on your behalf.

Guide your reading skills, to find information from many different sources both inside and outside the Library effectively, at the same time being able to evaluate and select the information.

Answer questions relating to the use of Library Services.

Building and developing electronic resources we are regularly collecting and updating electronic resources from other organisations under different themes at the same time building the thematic collection to facilitate the search for information.

Time of information feedback

• The questions requiring simple answers will be resolved quickly during the day.
• The complex questions will require more time for searching, depending on the nature and purposes of questions, response time can be from 3 days to 7 days.

To contact the Information Desk you can:

+84 076 625 65 65 extension 1604
ZopimChat (only available on the right corner of the Vietnamese website)
Directly at the information counter (Third Floor)

All questions have been answered will be stored here


Đỗ Thị Bé Tư


Information Providing
Information Providing
Information Literacy Traning
Information Literacy Traning

Computer Section

The computers in the library are equipped with a full range of support facilities for the study and research of its readers. The readers can use them to write lectures, do research projects, access the electronic resources of the library or search the internet.

Computers for students

Location: fourth floor

Student Computer Room
Student Computer Room

Equipped with 265 computers with internet connection and installed with the basic applications that students often use such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office 2010, Vietnamese typing common Unikey and support programs. Also, depending on the requirements of students, computers will be installed with specialised programs to support their study and research. Students of the University have 4 hours free use per day (excluding accrued time, for final year students to do their graduate thesis, they can contact the staff to ask for more time).

To use the Library computers, make sure you have read the internal regulations for the Library, the computer instructions for use and have registered your account. Once your account has been activated you can choose a computer to log on to and use at any time.


Võ Thanh Phi
Fourth floor

Computers for teachers

Location: fourth  floor

Teacher Computer Rome
Teacher Computer Rome

Equipped with 13 computers, a printer, a scanner and the necessary computer programs for teaching and learning.

The Library computer staff is there to help:

• Guide and support the teachers to use the computers, show the teachers how to find relevant information on the internet for use in their teaching and research.
• Organise the implementation of software applications for the Library.

Teachers, staff and school personnel have free use of the computers with no time limits. To use the computers you should follow the steps of registering your account.


Võ Thanh Phi

Discussion Room

The discussion room is equipped with air conditioning, and with a capacity of 50 seats. The Discussion room is available for collaborative learning activities.

To use this room, users sign up directly at the Circulation Section


Lê Thiện Mỹ

Reference Section


The Reference section is located on the fourth floor. Reference materials are associated with high-use, rare items (items with only one copy) encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, donated books (Asian collection), printed research papers, journals and magazines. The reference materials cannot be taken out the library, but copying services are provided. Users can also make inquiries relating to DVDs, CD Rom’s at the Reference section.


Lê Xuân Nga

Research Room


Research room service equipped computers for staff, lecturers and students to look up documents, study online, refer on-the-spot documents according to training programs


-Readers only register for personal use of the day
-Keep clean hygiene and preserve the research bureau during the using time
-Do not arbitrarily move, repair and adjustment of equipment in the room
-Readers e-learning, borrowing headphone equipment at the circulation desk
-Readers have to register for use before entering research bureau

Apply for borrowed

Directly at the circulation desk (third floor)