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Addressing Key Knowledge Gaps in Nutrition Research and the Impact of Funding Priorities in Human Nutrition

By: La Verne L. Brown; Paul M. Coates. In: Vitamin E in Human Health. :445-456; Cham   :   Springer   International    Publishing,    2018. Language:    English, Database: Springer Nature eBooks

An improved nutritional status is believed to be a cost-effective strategy for reducing mortality, morbidity, and risks of chronic diseases. However, much of the scientific evidence to support th...

Lipids in health and disease [electronic resource].

[London] : BioMed Central, 2002- Language: English, Database: VNU HCM – eBook catalog

Minerals Latu Sensu and Human Health : Benefits, Toxicity and Pathologies

By:   Celso   Gomes;   Michel   Rautureau. Cham   :   Springer. 2021. eBook., Database: eBook Index

This volume provides a comprehensive academic review of both positive and negative effects of minerals on human health and quality of life. The book adopts the concept of mineral latu sensu (mine...

Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease

By: Mark L. Dreher. Series: Nutrition and Health. Cham : Humana. 2017. eBook., Database: eBook Index

This newest addition to the Nutrition and Health series is a comprehensive, yet portable, guide to the use of dietary fiber for the management of health and disease. Dietary Fiber in Health and D...

L-Arginine in Clinical Nutrition

By: Vinood B. Patel; Victor R. Preedy; Rajkumar Rajendram. Series: Nutrition and Health. Switzerland : Humana. 2016. eBook., Database: eBook Index

This text presents the application of current nutritional knowledge by physicians and dietitians and incorporates emerging fields of science and important discoveries. It contains seven major sec...

The Measurement of Soil Security in Terms of Human Health: Examples and Ideas

By: Sung Chul Kim; Kyung Jae Lim; Jae E. Yang. In: Global Soil Security. :297-303; Cham   :   Springer   International    Publishing,    2016. Language:    English, Database: Springer Nature eBooks

Soil security refers to maintenance and improvement of soil resources and is closely related to food, water, and energy security. Human health is also a major concern, and food quality and consum...

Beneficial Effects of Fish Oil on Human Brain

By: Akhlaq A. Farooqui. Dordrecht : Springer. 2009. eBook., Database: eBook Index

It is becoming increasingly evident that the deficiency of n-3 fatty acids in diet is not only associated with cardiovascular diseases, but also involved in stroke, epilepsy and other neurologica...

Subjects: MEDICAL / Neuroscience; MEDICAL / Neurology; MEDICAL / Nutrition; Brain--Diseases--Nutritional aspects; Fish oils--Physiological effect; Omega-3 fatty acids--Health aspects; Fish oils in human nutrition; Fish oils--Health aspects