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Urban Soils

Principles and Practice

Andrew W. Rate in Progress in Soil Science (2022)


Environmental Restoration

Proceedings of F-EIR Conference 2021

Prof. Deepankar Kumar Ashish in Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering (2022)


From Zero Waste to Material Closed Loop

The Way Towards Circular Economy

Dr. Jianming Yang (2022)


Innovative Approaches for Sustainable Development

Theories and Practices in Agriculture

Dr. Syed Sheraz Mahdi (2022)


Food, Energy, and Water Nexus

A Consideration for the 21st Century

Dr. Chittaranjan RayDr. Sekhar Muddu (2022)


Coastal Ecosystems

Environmental importance, current challenges and conservation measures

Sughosh MadhavSadaf NazneenPardeep Singh in Coastal Research Library (2022)