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Modern Indices for International Economic Diplomacy

Vincent CharlesProf. Ali Emrouznejad (2022)


Theory and History in Regional Perspective

Essays in Honor of Yasuhiro Sakai

Prof. Masamichi Kawano… in New Frontiers in Regional Science: Asian Perspectives (2022)



The Palgrave Handbook of Africa’s Economic Sectors

Dr. Evelyn F. Wamboye… (2022)

International Trade, Economic Development, and the Vietnamese Economy

Essays in Honor of Binh Tran-Nam

Prof. Cuong Le Van… in New Frontiers in Regional Science: Asian Perspectives (2022)



Begleitende Partner bei Auslandsentsendungen

Empirische Untersuchungen zum Anpassungsgeschehen und zur Einflussnahme auf den Entsendungserfolg

Dr. Simone von Boddien in Internationale Wirtschaftspartner (2022)


Sustainable Development in Asia

Socio-economic, Financial, and Economic Perspectives

Prof. Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan… in Contributions to Economics (2022)

Industry 4.0

Fighting Climate Change in the Economy of the Future

Prof. Elena B. ZavyalovaProf. Elena G. Popkova (2022)



How Trade Liberalization Affects a Sugar Dependent Community in Jamaica

Global Action, Local Impact

Dr. Donovan Stanberry (2022)


Monetary Unions

Institutions and Policies

Prof. Hubert Kempf in Springer Texts in Business and Economics (2022)



The Industrial Processes of Large Economies

The Quartet of US, China, Germany and Japan

Xiaojiang Zhang (2022)


Digital Transformation and the World Economy

Critical Factors and Sector-Focused Mathematical Models

Prof. Andrei Rudskoi… in Studies on Entrepreneurship, Structural Change and Industrial Dynamics (2022)


Collaborative Innovation Mechanism of GBA in China

A Free Port Approach

Prof. Shusong BaPeng Shen… (2022)



Open and Closed Economies

Lessons from the Philippines and Vietnam

Prof. Roderick Macdonald (2022)


Off the Target

The Stagnating Political Economy of Europe and Post-Pandemic Recovery

Muhammad Ali Nasir (2022)



China and the Belt and Road Initiative

Trade Relationships, Business Opportunities and Political Impacts

Young-Chan Kim in Understanding China (2022)

Studies in International Economics and Finance

Essays in Honour of Prof. Bandi Kamaiah

Prof. Naoyuki Yoshino… in India Studies in Business and Economics (2022)

Deep Integration, Global Firms, and Technology Spillovers

Prof. Naoto Jinji… in Advances in Japanese Business and Economics (2022)

Intangible Capital and Growth

Essays on Labor Productivity, Monetary Economics, and Political Economy, Vol. 1

Felix Roth in Contributions to Economics (2022)