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Advanced Mathematics from an Elementary Viewpoint: Chaos, Fractal Geometry, and Nonlinear Systems

Computers and Mathematics; 01/01/1989
(AN edssjb.978.1.4613.9647.5.28)
Springer Nature eBooks

Constructive Aspects of Reflective Abstraction in Advanced Mathematics

Epistemological Foundations of Mathematical Experience; 01/01/1991
(AN edssjb.978.1.4612.3178.3.9); ISSN: 14317532
Springer Nature eBooks

Advanced Math

The Advanced TEXbook; 01/01/1995
(AN edssjb.978.1.4612.4256.7.13)
Springer Nature eBooks

Knowledge Construction and Diverging Thinking in Elementary & Advanced Mathematics

Forms of Mathematical Knowledge : Learning and Teaching with Understanding; 01/01/1999
(AN edssjb.978.94.017.1584.3.6)
Springer Nature eBooks

Advanced Learning Technology Systems in Mathematics Education

Computational Intelligence for Technology Enhanced Learning; 01/01/2010
(AN edssjb.978.3.642.11224.9.10); ISSN: 1860949X
Springer Nature eBooks

Advanced Mathematics

LaTeX and Friends; 01/01/2012
(AN edssjb.978.3.642.23816.1.9); ISSN: 16121449
Springer Nature eBooks

Teaching Reform of Advanced Mathematics Teaching Practical

Informatics and Management Science I; 01/01/2013
(AN edssjb.978.1.4471.4802.9.82); ISSN: 18761100
Springer Nature eBooks

The Practice of Advanced Mathematics Teaching Quality Evaluation System

Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Cybernetics and Informatics; 01/01/2014
(AN edssjb.978.1.4614.3872.4.191); ISSN: 18761100
Springer Nature eBooks

Application of Materials Technology in Advanced Mathematics Course

Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Cybernetics and Informatics; 01/01/2014
(AN edssjb.978.1.4614.3872.4.89); ISSN: 18761100
Springer Nature eBooks

The Exploration and Practice of the Level Teaching of the Advanced Mathematics Courses for Arts

Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Cybernetics and Informatics; 01/01/2014
(AN edssjb.978.1.4614.3872.4.92); ISSN: 18761100
Springer Nature eBooks

Elementary Mathematicians from Advanced Standpoints—A Cultural Perspective on Mathematics Education

Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education : ICME-13; 01/01/2017
(AN edssjb.978.3.319.62597.3.11); ISSN: 25208322
Springer Nature eBooks

Building on 'Misconceptions' and Students’ Intuitions in Advanced Mathematics

Toward Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics Education; 01/01/2018
(AN edssjb.978.3.319.92907.1.4); ISSN: 25704729
Springer Nature eBooks

The Use of ICT and the Realistic Mathematics Education for Understanding Simple and Advanced Stereometry Shapes Among University Students

Research on e-Learning and ICT in Education : Technological, Pedagogical and Instructional Perspectives; 01/01/2018
(AN edssjb.978.3.319.95059.4.8)
Springer Nature eBooks

Early Experiments with Modern Mathematics in Belgium. Advanced Mathematics Taught from Childhood?

Researching the History of Mathematics Education : An International Overview; 01/01/2018
(AN edssjb.978.3.319.68294.5.4); ISSN: 25208322
Springer Nature eBooks

A Technology for Detection of Advanced Persistent Threat in Networks and Systems Using a Finite Angular State Velocity Machine and Vector Mathematics

Computer and Network Security Essentials; 01/01/2018
(AN edssjb.978.3.319.58424.9.3)
Springer Nature eBooks

Exploring Advanced Mathematics Courses and Content for Secondary Mathematics Teachers

Connecting Abstract Algebra to Secondary Mathematics, for Secondary Mathematics Teachers; 01/01/2018
(AN edssjb.978.3.319.99214.3.1); ISSN: 25704729
Springer Nature eBooks

Technology and the Development of Mathematical Creativity in Advanced School Mathematics

Creativity and Technology in Mathematics Education; 01/01/2018
(AN edssjb.978.3.319.72381.5.15); ISSN: 22118136
Springer Nature eBooks

Advanced Physics and Mathematics for Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering Projects Using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi : Explore STEM Concepts with Microcomputers; 01/01/2020
(AN edssjb.978.1.4842.5811.8.5)
Springer Nature eBooks

Conclusions About Using TIMSS and TIMSS Advanced Data to Explore Student Misconceptions, Errors, and Misunderstandings in Physics and Mathematics

Student Misconceptions and Errors in Physics and Mathematics : Exploring Data from TIMSS and TIMSS Advanced; 01/01/2020
(AN edssjb.978.3.030.30188.0.5); ISSN: 23661631
Springer Nature eBooks

Mathematics Textbooks and the Gradual Decline in the Use of Middle- to Advanced-Level Abbaco Arithmetic 1607–1865

Toward Mathematics for All : Reinterpreting History of Mathematics in North America 1607-1865; 01/01/2022
(AN edssjb.978.3.030.85724.0.4); ISSN: 25099736
Springer Nature eBooks